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We focus on results & impact. We intervene through various engagement models and solutions bringing in real TRANSFORMATION

Education is undergoing a major transformation. Students have changed, the classrooms have changed and teachers are compelled to evolve. They must improve their teaching methods. From a teacher-centric role to a learner centric position, teachers must transform their learning to transform the future.

Our Intervention Courses for Upskilling Teachers


With our annual engagement, teachers are able to implement 21st century teaching skills in their classrooms. Also, to equip teachers with strategies to give appropriate, reflective and constructive feedback.

Our education system has evolved massively in its structure as well as functioning. This module aims at catering to the needs of 21st century learning structure by increasing the teacher readiness ratio, towards accepting the change in the education system.

Skill based learning is the need of the hour.  Unless skill is combined with knowledge the education remains incomplete. This module aims at training teachers in identifying the life-skills along with imparting knowledge to students, in order to provide an overall structure based education.

Class strength in school has always been surprising at the same time is also challenging for the teachers to handle. Segregating a class full of students into performers and non-performers is easier as compared to understanding their individual learner needs and style. This module enables teachers to identify the learning style and plan to tailor their classes according to the learner needs for effective teaching.

The most commonly use strategy in teaching is the lecture method. Do you think this strategy caters to all the learning styles? With changing times the teaching learning  needs  have  also  changed.  This  module  has  been  designed  for  two  days  covering  the  strategies  that  will empower teachers to cater to the 21st century learner needs. These strategies will be common to all subjects and can be used for all classes with a slight change as per the requirement.

Planning is a part of day-to-day life and we are well versed with the technique consciously or un-consciously. Planning before teaching is not just planning to teach but planning to impart knowledge with skills and measure the accurate performance of the learner. This module equips teachers with the knowledge of Revised Bloom's Taxonomy to get accurate result under the performance index of each student, in every class.

Curiosity leads to learning. Asking the right question is as important as getting the right answers. Questioning is regarded as a tool for evaluation and hence framing questioning as per revised taxonomy helps the teacher to know the level of knowledge of the learner. This module aims at equipping teachers with the right pattern of framing tests and recapitulation based questions as per Revised Bloom's for diagnosing the exact area of improvement of a learner.

This module aims at breaking the stereo type methodology of measuring the performance of a child, by equipping teachers to evaluate a child on both behavioral and intellectual aspect. Formation of rubrics for standardisation of marking schemes for activities and tests will lead to simpler way of diagnosing and providing a remedial re-teach to students is a key learning under this topic.

This module stimulates teachers to move beyond the need of book knowledge and make space for attitudes and skills which completes learning in its truest form. It helps the teacher to integrate the attitude and skills with curriculum in order to develop all the three concepts of education i.e. knowledge, skills and attitude.

This module uplifts the interests of children with special needs. It lays down characteristics of special children and ways to create a strong setup supported with inclusive strategies forming the base for the same. This enables teachers to identify and adopt simple and required measures in a normal setup for special learners.

For any kind of learning the environment/surrounding acts as a stimulant. It is very important to have a learner conducive setup for effective teaching. Optimum utilization of teaching learning aids and proper classroom set up for effective classroom teaching is the key learning of this module.

Teamwork and leadership skills, when displayed are learnt at its best by the students, and teachers are the best examples they can learn from. This workshop enables teachers to incorporate and exhibit much needed team spirit and leadership qualities in a way that takes their teaching methodology to the next level and cater to the rising needs of 21st century.

Feedback is the most essential part of the teaching learning process. This unit caters to the need of appropriate approach/strategies which can be used by teachers in order to provide the students with feedback. It also equips teachers to adopt strategies to ensure the implementation and absorption of the feedback.


Teacher self-help programmes are the practices based on using one’s own intellectual means to achieve their goals or solve emotional, personal, professional or psychological challenges. 

This  module  aims  to  create  classroom  management  techniques  using  CCE, understanding CCE as a tool, and using various components of CCE to make classrooms more effective and efficient. The module describes how to make a classroom student ready, techniques of managing FA and other activities within the syllabus, introducing concepts of Multiple Intelligence, VAK, etc for making classes interesting for students.

To prepare teachers to understand the concept of holistic development and help students to perform upto their potential. As the name suggests, the module aims at training teachers on how to use time effectively in the class and outside the class in school hours. This module covers topics like the 80-20 principle, difference between circle of influence and circle of concern, difference between urgent and important tasks to meet the challenges of living as well as academics.

This module majorly focuses on enabling teachers to have work life balance. With increase of documentation and student centric teaching, teachers today feel stressed about school and student work and hence feel stressed at home. This module builds a teacher’s perspective on how to pursue CCE with balance between class-me and self-me. Working majorly on teacher's perspective, this module works on training teachers on how to train the Auditory digital function of their unconscious mind.

Communication is the most important tool for a teacher. Right from introspection to conversing with others, teachers need to communicate their thoughts effectively. This module focuses on helping the educators to relate to various situations from a bird’s eye view and develop strategies to enhance their communication skills by observing everyday situations. Having its core in NLP, this module talks about perception, pre-suppositions and effective speaking.


We have created certain program/assessment for students which is to resort to various instruments to make the students understand the expected contents. Fortunately, this model has been outdated and evaluation is now seen as one of the most important tools available to teachers to achieve the school’s main goal: to make all students move forward. Also, we carry out their continues development intervention from time-to-time. 

This module introduces the concept of entrepreneurship to students & works by creating an in-depth knowledge of the concept, through its inception into the thought process of children. The students get a certificate from nationalised central body NIESBUD.

Aptitude, personality and interests shape up a learner’s career. This module prepares teachers to identify traits in students to guide them towards a bright future, set focused goals, and a satisfying career.

This module aims to prepare students in \planning a bright future for themselves. In this module, students understand the importance of planning and process to create & implement a plan. This module works not just on scholastic but also extra-curricular goals of an individual.

This module builds leadership skills in students and motivates them to lead from the front. This module is specifically designed for school cabinet members and includes training on how to handle various situations in the course of being a school leader.

This module is based on the latest learning concept of design thinking. This concept focuses on developing a result & solution oriented way of thinking in students and helps students in exploring their hidden talents. This module has been divided into three parts:

1. Design Thinking Junior 

2. Design Thinking Middle 

3. Design Thinking Senior

As the name suggests, this module works on communication skills of a student, however, in an unconventional way using NLP. Neuro-Linguistic Programming concepts are absorbed in the module to train students on developing innate linguistic skills.

As the name suggests, this module works on communication skills of a student however, in an unconventional way using NLP. Neuro-Linguistic Programming concepts are imbibed to train the students on developing innate linguistic skills.


We have created certain programmes/ assessments for parents. Raising a child or an adolescent can be challenging. Looking at that, our programmes were designed to make parents face challenges comfortably and be of much needed support for their children.

Parent Induction Programs

Parent – School Partnership

Effective Communication Strategies

Child Career Guidance Programs

Understanding Your Adolescent Child

On Request Programs

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