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Letter to new CBSE Chairman

Dear Mr. RK Chaturvedi,

This ship called CBSE really needed a captain and you have come as a ray of light after a dark tunnel of ambiguity, confusion and non-answerability.

I’m neither a Principal, nor a school owner. I’m just a researcher, travelling to schools in various parts of the country and meeting all stakeholders right from parents, students, teachers to school managements. I have had the chance to meet & learn from some of the most exemplary educationists, who are leading the change from the front and have created what we would like to call a good school and i have also visited schools, where one realises what should really not not be done in a school. And both these type of schools have really missed you.

I believe you must have read a detailed status report of what, where, when & how and must have got the knowledge download right from the horses mouth. You now would be completely immersed in finding solutions and mending what is broken. I would like to give my two cents of input that i’ve collected from those people whose voice may never reach you at all.

CCE is a wonderful concept. CCE is the tool that can bring a new direction to our teaching & learning process and CCE has given great results already. I know of schools which had been following the concepts given in CCE even before it was launched. The real problem that we face is how many people really understand CCE. If you wish to know, my suggestion would be that you should go (or send teams) for visits to Sahodaya meetings in various cities and randomly give them questionnaires on CCE. In fact why just Sahodaya’s. CBSE has now enrolled hundreds of Principals as resource people for training schools, why not start with a questionnaire with these resource people first.

A few facts, from my travel in last 12 months:
After 7 years of successful implementation of CCE in CBSE schools across the country:
Many teachers in kolkota were not able to state the full form of CCE.
Many teachers in Hoshiarpur have been successfully implementing FA by conducting a unit test every Monday.
A Principal in Jaipur is struggling with the concept of a rubric and its uses
And almost every second teacher in the country is still debating whether CCE is bad or worse.

Where i’m coming from is a place of disbelief. I’ve been to schools who have attended mandated CBSE- CCE trainings for past five years, but still have no idea what is Blooms taxonomy, what is question paper blueprint and rest aside what is inclusive education and its importance today. Even if by chance one stands to talk about positives of CCE, teachers look at you with anger and are ready to bombard you with questions which many times make no sense at all.

‘How can we teach effectively, if there is no fear in students’

‘How can we teach, when parents are telling their children to not study because under CCE nobody can fail’

‘With boards gone, we are not taken seriously’

‘Students don’t want to learn anymore, they are just happy with activities’

And if i just talk about these questions, I thought CCE was created for exactly these reasons. I thought we wanted to deal with fear in students who due to social and online pressures were straight getting under stress and committing suicides. We wanted to reduce the pressure on parents and from parents on students to not get into an unnecessary rat race. To take education seriously and study to learn not just for exams & marks and finally, making students feel that learning is fun and there can be learning at every moment in a school.

Sir, i am sharing all this with you because this is exactly what happens when change comes. And like it happens in all fields of business, the unsatisfied customer writes the review, the satisfied customer just ignores and keeps working. CCE is the change that India wants and the only change that is required right now is the change in approach of how to implement it, change in current approach of letting the schools hang in mid air with negligible support And change in the communication structure between schools and CBSE.

Sir, everybody has started liking CCE, some of us consciously, some of us unconsciously. And the educationists i know want it to stay, for good. We are all looking at you with some new ideas of how to take it further and a word from you on what is in future, for our schools, our teachers and our children under CBSE/CCE.

All my best wishes to you and your office.

Best Regards.

Rishabh Khanna
Cognitive Scientist

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