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Education: The Change Required

If you are a teacher or have been a teacher (believe me everybody has been somewhere, sometime in life) just think about what exactly is/was the purpose you are/were meeting, or the problem you are/were solving. Is/Was your teaching effective and the results as desired? I’m sure they are/ were.

I have been a teacher for many years and I truly believed that I had been achieving all my teaching objectives, till one day I realised that most of the times the objectives were achieved but the outcomes were not exactly what was required by my students. They were not in sync with future or even present requirement and i was not sure if that education would help my students in improving their life from the day they achieved the learning outcomes. This led to some serious thinking and here are some research observations (Pearson Voice of Teacher Survey, LT National Teacher Survey, 2014) that I read about Indian Education Systems:

  • Teachers in India feel that only 50% of the students have the required skills in a particular class
  • 92% of teachers believe that India’s assessment framework focuses more on exam results and less on skill development
  • Less than 40% teachers perceive that training on New Methodologies has improved over the last decade
  • Over 67% students are not interested in class

Edward de Bono has a very nice metaphor to describe this situation:
Imagine a ship with serious equipment damage, and low crew morale in danger of sinking and hence miserable passengers. Then a new Captain is appointed and brought to take charge by a helicopter, the ship is given a new name, the damaged equipment is replaced or repaired and the crew is happy. The ship continues to sail. The passengers are happy. ” All is fine”, reports the Captain. “But the ship is still sailing in the wrong direction”

So here’s the basic question:
Should we learn & implement new methodologies to achieve the same learning outcomes as before?


Should we first define new learning outcomes and then decide the methodologies that could be used to achieve them?

It’s about time that we start changing the course of education.

Rishabh Khanna

Cognitive Scientist

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