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Les Transformations provides need-based solutions that have been created after years of research with hundreds of schools and thousands of associates. Our programmes are designed to transform the face of learning through all the stakeholders involved in a school, be it teachers, parents or students. Our engagement with over two lakh stakeholders in the past five years has empowered us to design tailor-made courses that have been demanded by hundreds of schools, according to their preferences.


Les Transformation is the brainchild of a few leading cognitive educationalists and visionaries of the country. It came into existence when the brain behind this idea realised that teachers not only in our country but across the world need career development.
After 6 years of research, they were able to find out the loopholes in existing approaches and came to a conclusion that they will design result-oriented programmes for not only teachers but for schools, students and parents as well; and provide end-to-end learning solutions.
As a result, today, we have our own range of products which allow schools to develop teachers in enhancing their performance, give holistic education to students, and solidify the parent-school partnership.
We offer multiple knowledge & skill based workshops to the students to initiate our engagement with a school. This enables us to transform the meaning of education for them.. Simultaneously, we engage with teachers and bring transformation in their outlook about the complete education system. This new-found knowledge & skill based approach leads them towards creating new experiences in the classroom, thereby making learning & teaching a desirable activity.
Parenting skills have to be changed drastically when it comes to nurturing Generation Z. This leaves the parents flustered, confused and worried about their children’s learning. We offer parent engagement programmes which address the changing needs of parents and help them support their children’s education.
Our student, parent & teacher engagement programs have been nominated and awarded as the best courses in various countries.


To be an evolutionary catalyst in the field of Education & Development in schools. We, through our highly researched programs, bring transformation in schools. We deliver teacher development programs, student programs and parents programs.


Bringing Transformations in schools with continuous teacher education.

About Suraasa

SURAASA is one of the products of Les Transformations. It is an online platform which measures the current skills of teachers and prepares customized plans for each teacher in order to bring the best in them. Free assessment test is taken followed by analysis and making individualized strategies.

100 schools and 4000 teachers have collaborated with us since our inception and they are still associated with us. And the main reason behind this is not our informative courses or effective training, but the fun teachers have while learning. They do not have to read boring paragraphs for hours. Teachers learn & improve practically. Skills are built with the help of case studies, games, videos, and activities. It keeps them motivated, they learn happily and this is the type of learning that will take your teaching career a long way.

Suraasa App allows you a refreshing learning experience by:

  • Giving faster access to the platform
  • Keeping you updated through on-time notifications
  • Allowing you to use it anytime, from anywhere
  • Providing a quick turnaround time
  • Personalising your overall experience

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